JulPad your Launchpad for upcoming Projects

JulPad Club (Tier 1)

Staking Requirement

10,000 JulD

Pool Weight


JulPad Club (Tier 2)

Staking Requirement

25,000 JulD

Pool Weight


JulPad Club (Tier 3)

Staking Requirement

100,000 JulD

Pool Weight


JulPad Club (Tier 4)

Staking Requirement

1,000,000 JulD

Pool Weight



JulSwap is Fully Decentralised and powered by Community Governance.

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    • Circulation Supply
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    • Usecases:


    • 799,383,875
    • JulSwap GovernanceAs a $JulD holder, You vote, you decide
    • NFT StakingStake $JulD for $OBR ($OBRB)
    • Staking in Special PoolsStake JulD in Special Pools for higher/ special Rewards
    • Staking for External Project TokensStake $JulD and get rewarded with external Project Tokens
    • Debit Card StakingPlace order by Staking $JulD on your virtual and/or physical crypto Debit Card
    • Shopping TimeBuy your favorite products from Amazon, eBay and Wall-Mart using $JulD at shopping.io
    • JulSwap Governance V2(Upcoming)Soon, pay your fee in $JulD and save more
    • JulSwap Fee Participation(Upcoming)Stake $JulD and get JulSwap Fee Participation
    • Travelling Realize your travel dreams with $JulD and travala.com